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Diya Pawar
Aug 3, 2020

We should teach our girls this phrase, "what did you mean by that?". It's a subtle way to hold people accountable and a way to teach our girls that sitting in discomfort is not a gender prerequisite. Happy Raksha Bandhan. #womensequality #rakshabandhan

Sweta Malhotra
Jul 28, 2020

Although the pic is from "WOmen Azadi March" in #Pakistan, The message is loud and clear. It applies to each and every man. #womensequality #equality #EqualRights #WomenEmpowerment #Freedom4Women #GenderEquality

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Neetu Jain
Apr 20, 2020

It's funny how all these people are pissed off about the government telling them what they can or cannot do during #CoronavirusLockdown.

Now they know how everyone with a uterus feels on a daily basis.
#womenrights #womensequality #WomenEmpowerment

Heena Khan
Apr 20, 2020

I don’t know which woman needs to hear this but you can have hairy legs, not wear makeup, and still wear dresses and love pink and cutesy things. The two are not mutually exclusive. #WomenEmpowerment #womensequality #feminism #feminist

Apr 10, 2020

Karma says, "If a man expects a woman to be an angel in his life, He must first create a heaven for her."

Angels don't live in hell.

#womensequality #womenrights #WorkingWomen #WomenEmpowerment

Indranee Seebun
Mar 31, 2020

The idea that women need to dress a certain way to protect themselves against men is incredibly insulting to both sexes.
#womenrights #womensequality #Freedom4Women

Nistula Hebbar
Mar 30, 2020

I am not here for equality with men. I am here to dismantle the systems they set up. Fuck their version of equality. their supremacy relies on exploitation and violence. I want no part of that. The vision/ goal should be bigger and more revolutionary.
#equality #womenrights #womensequality

Shefali Vaidya
Mar 30, 2020

If a woman has sex with 100 random men in a year, she can still only produce one full term pregnancy. if a guy has sex with 100 random women in a year, he can produce 100 full term pregnancies. So why exactly are we only talking about regulating women? #womensequality #GenderEquality

Indranee Seebun
Mar 27, 2020

Education is not a favour but a basic right of every girl. If you want to stop crimes against women then education is the key. Let us pledge to give our girls all the rights they are entitled to. #WomenEmpowerment #womenrights #GirlEducation #womensequality

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Renu Prajapati
Mar 26, 2020

It's a need of an hour to speak up until every woman and girl is free from all forms of discrimination and every person can enjoy their human rights fully and equally. We are #GenerationEquality.
#WomenEmpowerment #womensequality #womenrights

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Sudhir Chaudhary
Mar 26, 2020

On average, women work 25 minutes a day more than men – OECD

In these countries ......

Women working 1 hour or more than men (Paid and unpaid work).

Arent women entitled to equal social status? #WomenEmpowerment #womenrights #womensequality

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Aman Goutam
Feb 19, 2020

Ab inka kya karen?
Now, It is good to sleep with ghee in your ear
#women #womensequality

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